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Leadership styles of Bad Managers

Published in Corporate Saturday, 27 September 2014 17:18

-Tate Handy-
There’s more to being a good leader than just being the first one into the office, presiding over weekly status meetings, and organizing the inter-office birthday celebrations. You can probably think of a few bad managers you’ve had in the past (or if not, you can at least refer back to Bill Lumbergh in Office Space) and what characteristics made them poorly suited for leadership.

We’ve identified four types of leadership styles of bad managers. The Seagull Manager hovers over your work and eventually ruins it; they’re poor communicators and don’t show their team any appreciation. The Mushroom Manager flourishes in the dark, handing his team assignments but failing to check in so that he’s constantly surprised by the outcome. The Micromanager fails to show any confidence in his team by frequently nitpicking and checking over assignments, and The Savior neglects work until the last minute but loves swooping in to save the day.
We know what leadership tactics don’t work- now, let’s take a look at the qualities that do work. Leaders with integrity and vision are inspiring to their team, while a positive attitude and a sense of humor help put a positive spin on any roadblocks. Leaders that show confidence make followers feel like they can trust the leader, and being determined to achieve your company’s goal and vision will also encourage your team to follow you. Finally, being a strong communicator lets a leader convey visionary ideas to the rest of the team.
By using these leadership profiles as a guideline, you can recognize any examples of poor leadership in your work and work to correct the habits so that your team is motivated and driven to achieve your company’s goals.

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