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Innovative Book Offers Vital New Perspective on International Negotiation

Published in General Thursday, 04 January 2018 16:44

Once upon a time, “business as usual” meant doing a deal and then walking away.

Today, savvy businesspeople know that negotiation is a continuous process of solving problems and creating ongoing relationships.
Accordingly, leading international negotiation expert Eliane Karsaklian has written an innovative new business book clarifying this perspective and teaching readers how to implement sustainable negotiation techniques in their own organizations.

Complete with field-tested examples, experiments, and guidance, Sustainable Negotiation. What Physics Can Teach Us about International Negotiation borrows from the field of physics to make the case that negotiators need to know what is not visible so that they can explain what is visible.
This alignment, Dr. Karsaklian explains, gives negotiators the tools to think differently about what they see. It helps them look beyond traditional negotiation techniques to develop a forward-thinking and sustainable approach to business that reflects the connected and rapidly evolving world we live in today.
Chapters in Sustainable Negotiation explore how successful negotiations involve energy, paradoxes, optical illusions, probabilities, and integration. With an emphasis on the principles of sustainable negotiation and practical tips for preparing for sustainable negotiation, Dr. Karsaklian equips readers to be groundbreaking negotiators and partners who recognize on a fundamental level that meeting their organizations’ needs requires outside assistance.

Dr. Karsaklian comments, “Just as we strive to create a sustainable approach to the natural world, we need to do the same with people if we want to keep working together and building a more harmonious business world.”

“Eliane is one of the smartest people I know. She excels at taking concepts that seem worlds apart—such as international negotiation and physics—and bringing them together in an easy to understand and meaningful way. No wonder she is a valued business consultant who helps companies build relationships in international markets. Knowing her has expanded my horizons and enriched my understanding of the world!” ~ Lynne Franklin, Neuroscience Nerd and National Speaker/Author/Consultant to Executives on Persuasive Communication

Author: Eliane Karsaklian, Ph.D., is an unusual combination of big picture thinker, academic, and practical businessperson. She has lived and worked in a number of countries during her career and mastered five languages, giving her extensive knowledge and experience in negotiation techniques and intercultural relationships. Today, Dr. Karsaklian splits her time between researching and teaching international business as a professor at Universite Sorbonne in Paris, France, and running the company she founded, Ubi&Orbi, which consults with companies to develop their international markets, create multinational partnerships, and manage employees around the world. As director of the trilingual Master Program in International Negotiation at Sorbonne, Dr. Karsaklian’s research led to the development of a number of new tools for international negotiators, expatriates, and diversity managers. She has published numerous scientific articles and books on international business, most recently The Intelligent International Negotiator (2014) and From Foreign to International: Lessons from a Citizen of the World (2015). An internationally known speaker and award-wining researcher, Dr. Karsaklian is a visiting professor at a number of universities around the world, currently at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and an advisory board member of the International Academy of Business and Management in the United States.

Sustainable Negotiation: What Physics Can Teach Us About International Negotiation; Author: Elaine Karsaklian; Publisher: Emerald Publishing, Limited; Category: Business; Hard Cover: 978-1787145764; ePub: 978-787149816; Availability:,,

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