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 The  Vitamin C drink  has been found beneficial to Covid patients

Kochi: Mirakle, an immunity boosting health drink  launched by ABT Limited  has been found beneficial to Covid patients. 24000 patients have received Mirakle at ESI Hospital, Coimbatore as a part of its COVID treatment plan. Apart providing a boost to immunity, the anti-oxidants in Mirakle help in fighting cardiovascular diseases, muscular degeneration & neutralise oxidative stress. By energising the Mitochondria- the powerhouse of the cell, one can also cope with stress and metabolic disorder.

As a part of its CSR commitment to the betterment of society, ABT has been supplying Mirakle to various institutions. With the Mirakle supplied by ABT to ESI Hospital, studies were conducted there over 4 months on 400 COVID-19 Positive patients with consent to understand impact of high dose of Vitamin C given iposomal Vitamin C drink and Vitamin-C tablets. It also focused on COVID-19 induced neuro cognitive via L dysfunction & cytokine storm. The patients who drank 2 Mirakle drinks a day recovered in half the time. A separate study was also conducted on 162 patients with consent to understand impact of high dose of Vitamin C in anxiety and depression. It also rendered positive results. 

The four studies have been acknowledged and their collective results received positive response from doctors in Riordan USA. 

Sharing his thoughts, Dr M Raveendran, Dean, ESI Hospital, Coimbatore, said, “Vitamin C has proved to be beneficial for COVID patients by helping with body immunity and aiding recovery. Vitamin- C it is very much useful, cheap yet powerful tool as adjuvant treatment of COVID-19, with other AVAILABLE treatment modalities. We have seen the significant improvement in the health of those COVID patients who consumed Mirakle at our hospital .We have treated 24000 patients so far and plan on continuing the association till there are no more COVID patients at our hospital. The research studies we conducted at our hospital with Mirakle rendered positive results and were publishedin IJBAMR.We would like to thank Dr Manickam Mahalingam for his timely help and providing the drink to us, free of cost.” 

Commenting on the association, Dr. Manickam Mahalingam – Chairman & Managing Director, ABT LTD, said,“We launched this product in the beginning of the pandemic last year with hope that it would pave way for faster recovery of patients. As concluded in the four studies, Vitamin C is known for its properties to enhance one’s resistance and fight off various diseases. We want to explore the various benefits Mirakle can provide. By continuing this association, we may also plan to conduct more studies in future pertaining to various other benefits of the drink.

Dr Manickam further adds, “Apart from being given to COVID patients, Mirakle has many other benefits for hair, skin, heart, metabolism, immunity, & muscles. We want Mirakle to be looked at as holistic health drink. We hope Mirakle becomes a part of people’s everyday nutrition.” 

Previously it has also supplied the Vitamin-C drink to Food Safety and Drug Administration Department for 250 frontline workers in Coimbatore.

Mirakle was also administrated at PSG Hospital, Rajiv Gandhi General Hospital, Omandurar Hospital, Genral Hospital-Cuddallore. 


About Mirakle Drink:

Mirakle is an immunity boosting health drink with Vitamin C, Lysine and Proline buffered with Phospholipids in a special process, this ensures optimal absorption of the ingredients and supports the mitochondrial health of an individual. This is a result of 18 years of research and development by ABT. Approved by the FSSAI, this mango flavoured drink comes in a convenient 200ml aseptic packaging.Mirakle can be conveniently ordered from the comfort of one’s home through e-commerce platforms & Mirakle is available in Nilgiris and major pharmacies across Coimbatore. In Chennai, it is available in Nilgiris and it is available in all Wellness forever stores across Mumbai, Thane and Pune. It is available at an attractive price point of INR 50 (with Sugar) and INR 60 (Sugar free).  

About ABT Ltd:

Mirakle is an integral product of ABT limited. ABT was incorporated in 1931 and is in the business of transport and dealerships. ABT parcel Service and ABT Maruti are divisions of this company. ABT is also the parent company of Sakthi Group and the group has interests in Sugar, Auto Parts, Finance, Software, Education amongst other businesses. The group employees about 45,000 people and the students under the educational institutes number about 25,000.


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