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Brand Banjara’s Skin & Hair care tips for this Monsoon season

Published in LifeStyle Wednesday, 14 June 2017 18:34

After bearing that extreme heat of the sun, those sunburns, tans, sweaty (and stinky) summer days. Monsoon comes as a sign of relief. But what about the tons of infections, it gets along with it, given to its damp and humid weather? Brand Banjara’s, a renowned personal & Skin care Brand from Hyderabad offers the best skin & hair care tips for this rainy season.

“We at Banjara’s - manufacture and market Nature’s friendly products which makes our users / customers lead a healthy life. We follow and advocate our philosophy -  Take care of Nature’s beauty and Nature will take care of yours, and bring it alive,” said Ramesh Vishwanathan, Managing Director, Banjara’s
Dry skin type

The dryness increases in monsoon season especially when skin is wet and allowed to dry as is. The moisture content from the skin is removed and without essential oils and vitamins and dry skin becomes in-capable of self-repair. It also means that the skin isn’t properly hydrated as a result of which it looks and feels dry.  Just follow these simple tips to combat this condition:
•    Drink as much water as you can. Do not stop drinking water even if it leads to frequent urination. Water consumption hydrates your body and flushes out all the unwanted toxins.
•    Use cleansers or face wash that are gentle, soap free and natural based like Banjara’s Milk Cream + Olive Face Wash which is best for dry skin. 
•    Moisturize your skin frequently with Banjara’s Aloe Vera Gel. Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizer with anti-bacterial properties and this will help your skin to hydrate, thereby leaving it soft and supple.
•    Keep away from alcohol based toners and use gentle Banjara’s Premium rose water.
Oily skin type
Monsoon weather makes sebaceous glands (oil secreting glands in the skin) hyperactive. This increases oil secretion and leads to accumulation of dust and bacterial growth that also leads to skin problems such as blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.
Quick remedy:
•         In order to ensure that the oil secretion is under control, use an alcohol-free, gentle, soap free face wash and wash your face at least 3 times a day. You can use Banjara’s Multani + Neem Face Wash which works best for Oily & Sensitive skin.
•         Use Banjara’s Multani Mitti Face Pack to exfoliate your skin, remove excess oil and dead cell layers.
•    Stay away from using heavy cosmetics or chemical products.
Hair care tips
•    Prevent the hair from getting drenched in rain, but if does happen it is best to shampoo the hair as soon as possible and then dry them. Avoid blow driers and try to dry hair with a towel to retain the moisture.
•    Fizzy hair is a very common problem during monsoon. The sweat and its subsequent drying off can rid the hair of its moisture and lead to fizzy hair and even split ends. Apply mild gentle shampoo and follow it up with a generous amount of conditioner to get fizzy free hair.
•    Monsoons can really bother people with both oily scalp & dry scalp dandruff. It is recommended to massage your hair scalp with Banjara’s Samvridhi Hair Oil, which is an amalgamation of 10 ayurvedic herbs (bhringaraj, amla, japa, henna, aritha, shikakai,brahmi,neem, methi, pippali)& 3 natural oils (sesame, coconut, olive oil ) to nourish your scalp & give you healthy, dandruff free & long hair.
•    Natural herbal products are better than heavy chemical shampoos in rains as they help to maintain the shine and natural look of the hair.
 Brand Banjara’s is a flagship brand of Vishal Personal Care Pvt .Ltd (VPCPL), launched in 1993. Banjara’s today has grown from 6 products to 50+ Products Company, across 12 product categories. The company is expanding its presence beyond the Indian subcontinent with entry into Oman, Singapore, Malaysia.
Banjara’s product Portfolio comprises of Skin Care (Face wash; Multani Mitti Face pack Powder ; Face Pack, Skin +ve Beauty Cream; Skin +ve Body Lotion, Rose Water; Skin care herbal powder & Facial kit ), Hair Care ( Samvridhi hair oil; Samvridhi Hair Pack; Black & Natural Henna & Hair care powder ) available throughout South India and at several  e-retailers and beauty parlours. 
 VPCPL has a modern state of the art manufacturing plant commissioned in the year 2013 at Ranga Reddy district, Telangana. The unit is now ISO 9001:2008 & Halal certified. A large functionally diverse and professional team built to develop the product portfolio, build brand equity, distribution network and customer service.

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