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Realty Check 3.0 by Realatte unveils the Power of Digital Marketing in Real Estate

Published in New Launches Saturday, 16 March 2024 17:13



Pune – Realatte, a leading real estate marketing agency, successfully hosted its highly anticipated Realty Check 3.0 summit in Pune at JW Marriott on the 13th of March 2024. Building on the momentum of the previous



editions, the event brought together industry leaders, developers, and marketing professionals for a day of insightful discussions and knowledge sharing. This remarkable event captivated industry enthusiasts, in turn sparking thought-provoking conversations with a spectacular showcase of cutting-edge presentations on the real estate sector.


This exclusive summit went beyond a typical conference, transforming into a powerhouse of real estate expertise. It brought together industry giants – Google, Meta, and Taboola – alongside prominent real estate developers, fostering a collaborative environment teeming with insightful presentations and dynamic discussions.


The summit engaged the Pune real estate fraternity, attracting about top 100+ unique leading developers and stakeholders. The room was jam-packed with attendees who were actively engrossed with curated content, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., thereby gleaning valuable knowledge on the latest trends, fostering collaboration within the industry. This focus on knowledge sharing and collaborative problem-solving positioned Realty Check 3.0 as a center of attention and a one-stop hub for real estate discussions in Pune.


Speaking about the event, Mr. Mayank Vora, Co-founder, Realatte, shared “We are humbled to have received such an enthusiastic response for this event and are happy to have been able to share insights that helped our attendees immensely. We are also grateful to industry experts from Google, Meta, and Taboola who spent their valuable time and shared their learnings with us. Overall, the event was a success and we are aiming to take this event to various other cities in India and encourage conversations around current and future trends in the Indian real estate market. Realty Check is a think tank of sorts where we discuss the impact of innovative tech platforms that can help real estate stakeholders to make the most of diverse opportunities and channels in a dynamic future.” 



The first topic was ‘Strategizing to Monetizing: Exploring ROI-Centric Approaches to Real Estate Marketing’ followed by the next session on ‘The Transformation of Real Estate Marketing from Traditional to Trailblazing’. The power-packed panelists included Ms. Sonia Kulkarni, Co-founder of Hunk Golden, as the moderator, Mr. Harish Shroff, Director Sales and Marketing, Nyati Group, Mr. Arvind Jain, Managing Director, Pride Group, Mr. Akash Pharande, Managing Director, Pharande Spaces, Ms. Gunjan Goel, Director Media & Marketing Communications, Goel Ganga Developments, and Mr. Ranjit Naiknavare, Director, Naiknavare Developers.



When asked about the experience of attending such an event, Mr. Harish Shroff,  Director Sales and Marketing, Nyati Group,  said, “What an amazing experience by Realatte, who got the biggest players, Google, Meta and Taboola. An excellent platform for communications across the table for all the aggregators and stakeholders to give a better experience to developers as well as the consumer. An exceptional insight about the market and some revelations about YouTube percentages, Google ads, Taboola performance. We truly resonate with this particular event and look forward to many more to come.”


Mr. Akash Pharande, Managing Director, Pharande Spaces, shared “It gives a newer perspective in terms of how to digitally position the brand and at the same time you get to meet aggregators and various marketers. Realatte has done good efforts to arrange industry experts from digital space and at the same time the developers. Such an event should happen more often.”


Talking about the event, Mr. Prasad Sangameshwaram, Editor, Brand Equity, The Economic Times shared “We are extremely passionate about marketing and advertising, hence when I heard about this summit, I was energized to see the amount of involvement right from top down in the digital journey of  Real Estate companies. The discussion was extremely enriching as topics like performance marketing was adequately covered”


Ms. Gunjan Goel, Director Media & Marketing Communications at Goel and Ganga Development,  here's what she had to say about the event: "Digital Marketing is the need of the hour and Realatte has wonderfully initiated and organized such an event which was extremely informative. Having aggregators and the real estate representatives in the same room has given a balanced and great mix of marketing insights on how to create and execute marketing strategies.”


Mr. Amit Paranjape, Head Business Development at Paranjape Schemes, said “I want to thank Realatte for having me over as a panelist. Beyond the panel discussion, the event was extremely educational and personally, a lot of learning to take back which will help me to get a better ROI on the spends. I would love to attend more and more such events in the future.”


"Realty Check 3.0 was a remarkably well-curated event. The selection of topics was highly relevant, and the keynote speakers provided insightful information that can be directly applied to our marketing strategies. The event offered valuable resources for the entire real estate industry, and I believe it will significantly contribute to expanding our collective understanding of effective marketing practices in today's digital landscape for real estate," said one of the attendees at the event.


The event was well-received by the real estate fraternity, highlighting the success of Realty Check 3.0 in fostering valuable discussions and equipping industry professionals with the knowledge needed to navigate through the digital marketing landscape.


"We are committed to equipping our clients with the latest insights and strategies to thrive in a digital-first world," said Rohan Shah, CEO of Realatte. "Realty Check 3.0 was indeed a testament to our dedication to excel in the real estate marketing domain.”


Realatte Ventures LLP,  a leading real estate marketing and advertising agency, demonstrating a remarkable 15-year track record, has established itself as a trusted partner for over 500 developers and has managed 1000+ real estate projects across the entire spectrum including budget homes to ultra-luxury homes in residential and large retail spaces in the commercial and hospitality sectors. From a humble team of 10, Realatte has matured into a thriving agency with over 350 digital marketing professionals. Realatte has grown and expanded its presence through offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, and global reach extends beyond India, with operations in the UAE and the UK.


Realatte, co-founded by Mayank Vora, Nirav Gosalia, Harish Patel, Rahul Goyal, and Rohan Shah, has consistently spearheaded digital marketing strategies through collaborations with major players in the real estate sector such as DLF, Hiranandani, The Wadhwa Group, Godrej Properties, Sunteck Realty, Runwal, Rustomjee, Brigade Group, and more. The other verticals of the consortium include Logicloop Tech, a technology services company; Logicloop Digital, a comprehensive digital marketing agency; and Jucy Gifts, specializing in corporate gifting.

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